A programmatic approach to cryptocurrency exposure

The CoVenture Crypto Index (CCI™) is a rules-based approach with the objective of providing exposure to cryptocurrencies. The CCI™ holds 15 cryptocurrencies, weighted by market capitalization and rebalances twice a month. The CCI™ is structured to support traditional investment vehicles that provide the ability to invest, trade and hold across multiple account types (IRAs, trusts, etc).


Value as of 01-31-2020 (approx.)


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The CCI™ aims to represent the overall cryptocurrency market’s performance by tracking all protocols and tokens that meet robust security and liquidity criteria.


The CCI™ selects the top 15 cryptocurrencies and holds them in proportion to market capitalization. The CCI™ periodically adjusts the number of constituents in order to maintain accurate representation.

Eligibility Criteria

The CCI™ follows a strict set of rules to protect investors against counter-party risk, liquidity risk and operational risk.

  • Legitimacy: Actively traded for 6 months on the largest global exchanges
  • Liquidity: Must meet specific trade volume requirements in order to target prudent liquidity
  • Anti-gaming: Exclude cryptocurrencies that temporarily gain but fail to hold onto their market capitalization rankings
  • Free Floating Price: Not pegged to any fiat or asset
  • Hard Forks: Monitored in isolation until fully validated before being considered for reinvestment into the index

Investment Advisory Committee

The CCI™ is evaluated and studied on an ongoing basis, and the Investment Advisory Committee meets regularly to optimize the efficient, timely and accurate representation of the underlying exposures.