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Stem company founders

About Stem

Stem is a distribution and payments platform focused on getting people paid in the music business. Music is the original "gig economy" with a broad network of freelance workers who have limited visibility into their finances and no easy way to account to all the people in the value chain.

Partnership with Coventure

Stem worked with CoVenture to launch Scale, a financing program for artists on Stem's platform. Stem is creating a new asset class designed to better align the interests between artists and their source of capital.

“CoVenture has been an incredible thought partner to Stem as we architected our advances product Scale. As a start up with limited resources, we appreciated them rolling up their sleeves and filling gaps on the strategy side to help us bring the product to market.”

Milana Rabkin Lewis
CEO, Stem
Wave company founders

About Wave

Wave is a sports media company for today's fan. Through a portfolio of media brands, covering a wide array of fandoms and genres, Wave seeks to entertain digital natives, with the programming they love, in the places they spend the most time. Their programming can be discovered across Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook,YouTube and other core and emerging platforms.

Partnership with Coventure

Coventure provided financing to help Wave scale, and roll up new social media accounts. Wave is developing a new asset class out of high value social media handles.

Produce Pay
Produce pay company founders

About Produce Pay

ProducePay is improving the supply chain for fresh produce, with the goal of placing trust at the center of every transaction. It's mission is to strengthen relationships between growers, shippers, retailers, and consumers of fresh produce.

Partnership with Coventure

CoVenture has worked with Produce Pay since 2014, providing capital to support the growth of the company as well as the expansion of the financing solutions it offers growers and distributors.

“CoVenture has been an incredible partner to us from the get-go. From helping us carry the initial tech burden to get to a minimum variable product, to plugging us into the overall VC market, all through helping us raise the very funding vehicles with which we run our business. They are true partners, through and through”

Pablo Borquez Schwarzbeck
Founder, ProducePay
Clearbanc company founders

About Clearbanc

Clearbanc is on of the fastest, most affordable ways for D2C and SaaS founders to fund their businesses and among the largest eCommerce investors in the world. Clearbanc has invested $10K - $10M in 2,200+ companies using data science designed to identify high-growth funding opportunities in less than 24 hours. This data driven approach is designed to take the bias out of decision making and has helped Clearbanc fund 8x more female founders than traditional VCs and invest in companies in all 50 states.

Partnership with Coventure

Coventure’s partnership with Clearbanc has scaled with the company, enabling Clearbanc to provide financing to more than 1,500 businesses.

“CoVenture bet on Clearbanc early and have been incredible supporters and partners from the beginning. The team at CoVenture is always looking for new opportunities and creative ways to collaborate and help us improve the business. We are honoured to have CoVenture as part of our Clearbanc team.”

Michele Romanow and Andrew D'Souza
Co-Founders, Clearbanc

Ali Hamed

Co-Founder and Partner

Ali is a co-founder and partner at CoVenture. He co-leads firm management, capital raising, and deal sourcing, and is a member of the investment committee of CoVenture's credit and venture subsidiaries (CoVenture Management, CV19 Venture Partners, and Crossbeam Venture Partners). Prior to Coventure, Ali was a Venture Partner at Compound Ventures (formerly known as Metamorphic Ventures), during which time he helped source many of the firm’s successful investments. Ali attended Cornell University, where he played Varsity Baseball.


Marc Porzecanski

Partner and Chief Investment Officer

Marc is a Partner and leads the Credit Opportunities business. Prior to joining the Coventure team, Marc was a Principal and Senior Analyst in the Ares Credit Group, a Vice President at Angelo, Gordon & Co. and a Vice President at Credit Suisse, focused exclusively on esoteric asset-backed lending. Marc attended the University of Pennsylvania.


Brian Harwitt


Brian is a Partner in Coventure's Credit Opportunities group. Prior to joining the Coventure team, Brian was an investment banking analyst at Guggenheim Securities focusing on healthcare. Brian attended Cornell University.


Jesse Richmand


Jesse is a Partner in Coventure’s Credit Opportunities group. His responsibilities include overseeing business development across the firm. Prior to Coventure, Jesse previously served similar roles on behalf of institutional and emerging asset management firms. Jesse attended Franklin & Marshall College, and he is a CFA and CAIA charterholder.


Elizabeth Ostrander

Chief Operating Officer

Elizabeth is the Chief Operating Officer at Coventure. Prior to joining the Coventure team, Elizabeth was the Director of Business Development at a boutique investment banking and capital markets firm. Elizabeth attended Boston College and is a CFA charterholder.


Isaac Strulowitz

Chief Financial Officer

Isaac is the Chief Financial Officer at Coventure. Prior to joining the Coventure team, Isaac worked at Ernst & Young and The Blackstone Group. Isaac attended Yeshiva University and is a Certified Public Accountant.


Will Shao


Will is an Associate on the Credit Opportunities team. His responsibilities include Portfolio Monitoring and Diligence. Prior to joining the Coventure team, Will worked as a management consultant at A.T. Kearney. Will attended Cornell University.


Danielle Saitta

Operations Associate

Danielle is an Operations Associate at Coventure. Her responsibilities include operations and investor relations functions across the firm. Prior to joining the Coventure team, Danielle worked on Morgan Stanley’s Corporate Buyback team. Danielle attended Loyola University Maryland.


Savneet Singh


Savneet is a partner at CoVenture. He is also the CEO of PAR Technology Corporation. Previously, he was the co-founder of GBI, the first electronic platform that allowed investors to buy, trade, and store physical precious metals. The company is now one of the largest independent providers of precious metals in the United States, and as a result Savneet was named to the Forbes 30 under 30 list and Crain's 40 under 40. Prior to GBI, Savneet was an investment analyst at Chilton Investment Company where he covered investments in the technology, alternative energy, and infrastructure space. Prior to Chilton, Savneet worked in the investment banking department of Morgan Stanley. He received his B.S. in Applied Economics and Management from Cornell University, and is a member of the Board of Directors of Par Technology (NYSE:PAR), Transeastern Power Trust (TSX:BPWR), CoinTheory and Produce Pay Inc.